Other Life Events


If you have other significant life events that you are needing someone to front, feel free to contact me and we can discuss how/if I can be useful for your occasion. The initial get-together is free as we establish if there is a role for me to play.

Some examples may include:

Anniversaries – An opportunity to celebrate and remember past events.

Awards – Recognition of achievement.

Birthdays – Honouring the milestones for any age.

Community Events – Citizenship Ceremony, and other community events.

Farewell (resignations, overseas) – Well wishing upon departure.

Launching – Bestowing of name and good wishes on a boat, a new business.

New Beginnings – New buildings, exhibitions, refurbished premises, redundancy.

Pets/Animals – Namings, Welcomings, Farewells.

Promotions – Recognising the new challenges and opportunities of advancement.

Retirement – An opportunity to honour and farewell significant service as well as welcome new beginnings.

Reunions – Celebrating the gathering together of business/club/group members for any purpose.

I am continuing to build partner relationships with other providers to enable packages and/or referals that enable more services to be included. Therefore, there is a possibility of putting together a great little package by negotiating ‘add-on’s’, for example: sound and lighting; band/DJ; venue.

Cost will vary depending on requirements. A base figure would be from $300 upward.

Life events are worth celebrating

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