2020 – A Year of Many Changes – but we did it!

A common word used to describe 2020 has been ‘unprecedented’ – I’m not sure if that is entirely true but it certainly was one ‘out of the box’. For me personally, lots of positives in a year where I found myself navigating change on a regular basis – sometimes daily. 

        • I learnt I can problem solve and think on my feet – guess I have often done this but as it happened so often in 2020, my confidence was boosted.
        • I appreciated slowing down and realised I needed to find ways to make my life less chaotic. It took a little while but I have managed to gain better balance in my life and look forward to the unfolding of that in 2021.
        • Being reminded again of the importance of connection with others and discovering ways to make that happen even when it was harder, sometimes impossible, to do the face to face stuff.

It was so neat to see many couples get married and there was a real move towards ‘keeping it simple’. People wanting to show their love and committment to each other and realising that the ‘getting married’ part of it did not need to be a huge expense. With registry style weddings, I managed to have a record year! A total of 41 weddings – which considering I came into this expecting to do ‘five or so’ a year, has been fantastic.

Because the ‘simply special’ style of a registry wedding, which is reading from a court document, the couple saying/reading the pre-written vows, signing of the paperwork, only takes 10-20mins, I have been able to ‘pop these in’ fairly easily. Many couples had either already had a bigger celebration, were planning one ‘when they could’ or were keeping it simple and going off to lunch or dinner with a more intimate group of family and friends. 

Congratulations to all my couples. I often forget to get photos but have managed to make a mento of sorts for each of my weddings in the slide show below (tap on photo to get full pic). May you each be blessed on your journey together and find a reason to smile every day. Bless you all.

Life events are worth celebrating

2020 – A Year of Many Changes – but we did it!
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