Spring is “just around the corner” and with it comes Level 3!

Weddings ‘can’ happen at level 3 – but there are strict guidelines which may mean you choose to hold off. So,what will a L3 ceremony look like? …

  • Maximum of 10 people present including couple, two witnesses & celebrant.
  • People from separate bubbles must remain 2m appart.
  • Facemasks must be worn.
  • Hand sanitiser should be used before and after paperwork is handled.
  • If people signing paperwork are from separate bubbles (likely), a different pen should be used.
  • My preference is to come to couples home, rather than having 3 or more folk from (likely) 2 or more bubbles entering my bubble. 
  • The closer to my home the better and definitely in my region, as per stipulations.
  • A register of all present, including at least two ways to contact them, will be completed and filed. 

AND we will have an absolutely wonderful celebration of each couples decision to get married. We will totally enjoy the ceremony. At the end of this special time, they will be Mr & Mrslegally wed, from this day forward.

Life events are worth celebrating

Spring is “just around the corner” and with it comes Level 3!
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