I extend my sincere condolences on the loss or expected loss of your loved one. Mourning loss, generally has a wide range of emotions, sometimes unexpected. It is my firm belief that no matter how long or short a life is, we should remember and to some extent ‘celebrate’ the life lived. We generally do this through a funeral service whereby we can honour the one we have loved and thus enable friends and family to also.

I would value hearing some of the stories you hold about your loved one and help you bring together a service of acknowledgement. One thing I have appreciated about funerals I have attended over the years is that, even when we know someone well, often there are some, maybe many, stories that are shared that we haven’t heard before. There is something very special about learning a little more about a person as we honour them and say farewell.

Often funerals are bought together over quite a short period but we want to ensure we have a service that reflects who your loved one is. We will have several communications which may include face to face, phone, text and/or email. My role primarily is fronting and coordinating the service.

Most of the additional requirements for the funeral will be negotiated with your Funeral Director who is also responsible for the legal requirements surrounding this event. In some instances we may negotiate additional ‘add-on’s’ if required, for example: sound and lighting; venue.

My Fee $350 which covers:

  • Face to face, email, text and phone conversations to bring together a service to honour your loved one
  • Travel to venue within a 60k radius of my home/office, further afield will incur extra travel expenses
  • Fronting and coordinating the ceremony

Life events are worth celebrating

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