It’s been “5” years since my 1st official celebrant role! …

It was so neat to begin this journey with celebrancy at the wedding of one of my best mates daughters. A fantastic start.

I always planned that weddings would be something that worked alongside my other work – something I offered as an extra. This continues to be the case. I just love having the opportunity to do them. It is such a privilege to walk alongside couples as we work together to create a special ceremony that reflects something the them. I still get such a buzz from each every wedding.

Of course it is not just weddings. Celebrations are always good and carefully crafting some words, using some traditions handed down or creating something new, is always a delight. Whether a birthday celebration, engagement, baby shower, any kind of anniversary, whatever! – it is wonderful to find a way of making it an event to look back on and cherish. It is always a joy, an honour, for me to be invited in to assist with any event. I love hearing a little bit of your story that has bought you to have your special celebration.

I have got to know snippets of some amazing stories. I have met amazing couples, individuals, photographers, event planners, venue staff and many others. I have been to see some amazing venues, including home gardens, beaches, indoor, outdoor, churches, barns and garages. We have styled sand, rock, wine and candle ceremonies. We have signed picture frames, plaited rope, blown bubbles and many other things. From very short registry style weddings to stylised ceremonies – this gig is awesome and I treasure it heaps.

Happy 5th Anniversary to Claire Jones – Celebrant. Think I’ll have a special dinner with hubby tonight to celebrate! 24th January Celebration!

Life events are worth celebrating!!

It’s been “5” years since my 1st official celebrant role! …
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