ANZAC 2020

We remember…

A different celebration this year … strange. We are nearing the end of level 4 lockdown due to COVIR-19 which means we wont have the gathering at the Cenotaph this year. I would normally attend the Dawn Parade with my 2nd daughter and her two kids. .

This year, I woke a little later, got ready and then went down my driveway for 6am, to stand and remember. We had been encouraged to do so through the media. I could see nobody else in my street. I search my phone for “The Last Post” but was interrupted by a person needing assistance. I also spoke to a neighbour. Both these folk didn’t even ‘know’ it was ANZAC. I stop and think of how life is often ‘interupted’.

My Great Uncle Tom Gillanders and snapshots of Hamilton’s Victoria Street Memorial erected for ANZAC Centenary 2015

Back inside, I re-dead the story of my Great Uncle Tom – click here if interested. Uncle Tom’s death was an interruption for his family. World War I interrupted life hugely on so many levels. For families, for settlements, for townships, cities, nations, the world. So many things, interrupt us. Some interruptions cause a complete change of course.

Currently, our lives have been interrupted with a world pandemic. We are fighting a different battle. We need to stand together and stand behind those on the ‘front line’. Not just the medical workers, police and supermarket worker but also our factory workers and many who keep the supply chains going. Where would we be without our rubbish collectors, trades folk who keep our drains clear, power working and bus drivers getting folk to essential services and workplaces.

Although the components are very different, we can stand united and can have faith that a new tomorrow will dawn. We can take courage and show determination to get through as we stamp out this virus. Our strength of character, compassion for each other (what our forefathers had also) gives us a hope and a future.

Life events are worth celebrating

ANZAC 2020
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