MaY STORY…an ongoing journey

Over the past eleven years, I have been taking steps towards more people centred work. It has been quite a journey and I have not always been certain about ‘where to next’. May brings another step towards my goal. I feel excited as I pick up a new challenge.

Trying to give a short version: 2008 I was invited to train as a ‘Trauma Responder’ with a workplace wellness company, Vitae. This lead me into becoming an ‘Onsite Staff Support Person’ in 2012. Both of these roles worked alongside my roles as a the Practice Manager of a small counselling business. I loved the opportunities these bought to help resource folk through difficult times. I felt ‘called’ into more of this type of work so in 2013, I left my work of 18yrs and began a years full time training in Chaplaincy. Both the trauma & onsite work gave me the practical application to support my study as well as some income, so worked well. 

Chaplaincy seemed to ‘marry’ well with celebrancy so applying to become an independent celebrant felt like a natural progression. Having a good friend keen for me to officiate at her daughters wedding in January 2015 prompted this move to happen.

So for the past four years I have been doing a little bit of ‘all of the above’ including some admin hours to balance the cheque book. I have mostly loved the variety. However, it has been an ever shifting balance between each of these roles with ‘admin’ being the role that tended to most easily grow – this the thing that in my heart of hearts, I was wanting some of, but also wanted to move away from.

Come April 2019 and I find myself with my head in my hands saying, “I don’t know what to do with my life!” I needed more paid hours but loved all the work I was doing which included some voluntary roles as well.

Then I had the opportunity to go full time, Mon – Fri doing admin, supporting people to get the help they needed … a job I did for 18yrs full time, then the past four years part time… a job I am familiar with and do enjoy. A very safe option … but also something I choose to move away from in 2013.

Unexpectedly I am being interviewed for a more pastoral care role, part time but could work alongside an admin role I hold with my church. It means working Saturdays but … this is the direction I feel I have been being drawn too … With Saturday work, it will impact on my availability for weddings but … I as decided to sign up for ‘registry style weddings’, these are usually week day and can still fit into my week … can still do a Saturday afternoon wedding from time to time & more folk are choosing week days too … loads of options! And after all, weddings are an ‘extra I offer’ – something I love and am passionate about but not my bread and butter.

May brings change…I’m excited. Finally, it feels like everything is coming together.

I am celebrating the choices I have made, the chances I have taken that have bought me to the changes that I am moving into now.

∞ Life events are worth celebrating!! 

MaY STORY…an ongoing journey
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